Corner Radius End Mills-4 Flute

Scope of application: Plastic mold、forging mold、casting mold、electronic components、clock parts and other precision parts.
Applicable materials: Mold steel、alloy steel、tool steel、heat-treated steel and soldering steel.
Main features: The cutting edge made of nano-particle tungsten carbide and with corner radius is hard to crack and can be used to make a little high-speed groove milling. Steels whose hardness is within HRC 65 can be cut at high speed on the M/C (High Speed Machining Centers). It can clear corners or make high-speed milling on curved surfaces instead of the small diameter ball end mill so as to increase the processing efficiency of molds. The 4-flute structure design can increase the feed speed of tool, and can better give its high-speed cutting efficiency, the combinations of square and ball nose end mills, It is most used for corner radius for molding and demold easier.

Mã: V2R-4T-XC - Corner Radius Danh mục: